Job Seekers

Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time or seasonal employment, the Vernon Job Fair is a great opportunity for you to:

Identify What Employers Want
Attending the Vernon Job Fair is a way for you to find out what qualifications employers are seeking for particular positions.

Get Noticed
A Job Fair gives you an opportunity to stand out in person in a way that you might not on your resume. And when job openings are posted that match your skills and/or experience, the company may remember you and could potentially reach out to you to suggest you apply.

Access the Hidden Job Market
The hidden job market is a term used to describe jobs that aren’t posted online or advertised. You can tap the hidden job market by using networking opportunities such as the Vernon Job Fair to help find unadvertised job openings.

Network with Fellow Job Seekers
Besides meeting with employers, Job Fairs are an ideal time network with like-minded job seekers. As you meet and talk with others, you might learn about employment opportunities that you might not have heard about.

Learn More About The Company
A Job Fair is a perfect time for you to learn more about employers than you can learn from their websites. You can also get the employer's direct human resources and hiring manager's contact information.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Job Fair

Getting Ready For The Fair
  • Know the employers that will be at the fair and research the ones that interest you. View the list of Employers in Attendance.
  • Bring a number of updated resumés for each of your job choices. You may also find it helpful to bring electronic copies of your resumé saved on a USB stick.
  • Practice a 30 second sales pitch of your background for when you meet with employers. Your pitch should answer these questions:
Who am I? (Education, experience, skills, hobbies)
Why do I want to work for you? (Goals and why you are interested in the company)
Why should you hire me? (Highlight skills and experience)
  • Dress professionally for the job you want. Be neat and tidy.
  • Prepare for on-the-spot interviews and be ready to fill out job applications at the fair.
  • Decide which employers are most important for you, so you can visit them first on the day of the fair.
Attending the Fair
  • Meet employers on your own rather than with your friends.
  • Make a good first impression. Be calm, confident, smile and shake hands with the employers.
  • Share only positive comments about past employers or jobs.
  • Make notes about conversations that you have with employers.
  • Collect their business cards so that you can follow up with them after the fair.
  • Network with other job seekers to learn from their experiences.